Prinny gets a $0.10 DLC upgrade, a possessed radish

I hate the cost of DLC these days. For the most part it’s too high for what you’re actually getting. But you can’t beat the price on Nippon Ichi’s latest DLC upgrade, released in Japan today.

Up on the JP PlayStation store is “Makai Daikon, Rensha Yousei-san Tsuki,” a possessed radish that auto-fires in Prinny 2 for the PSP. Prinny gets to rock this power-up through the end of the stage. It’s not a lot, but it’s surely worth 10 yen, or almost $0.11 US. I’d go as far as to say that this is the best DLC when you compare price and value. Besides, any help you can get in a Prinny game is welcome.

I love the image in the gallery below. He’s so chill.

Would you pay 10 cents to equip Prinny with a possessed radish? [andriasang]

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