Prince on Guitar Hero: ‘Oh’

My love for Prince knows no bounds. A brilliant musician and songwriter, the man’s body of work is as impressive as he is small. And strange. His 1987 record, Sign O’ The Times, is one of my favorite albums… ever. So to say I want some Prince in either Rock Band or Guitar Hero is an understatement.

Earlier today, a friend of mine told me that radio talk show host Tavis Smiley was interviewing the little purple genius. To my surprise, Smiley brings up the topic of the music games, asking Prince what he thinks of “this Guitar Hero.”

“Oh,” Prince deadpans, before laughing.

“Well, I ain’t mad at them,” he tells Smiley. “I hear it made like, $2 billion, and they came to us and offered us a very small portion of that. But I think it’s more important that kids learn how to actually play guitar.”

Prince goes on to say how the guitar is a tough instrument, one that took him a long time to learn. Being a freakin’ genius, he’s tamed that particular beast, along with every other instrument known to man. And thank heavens, because “U Got the Look” is a kick ass song. But he also understands the appeal of the games. 

“It’s cool for people who don’t have time to learn the chords or ain’t interested,” he says, “but to play music is one of the greatest things.”

I wonder if it’s anything like what it feels like to FC Dragonforce’s “Through the Fire and Flames” on Expert?

Nick Chester