Prince of Persia ‘Epilogue’ DLC delayed

Prince of Persia’s post-game downloadable content, ‘Epilogue,’ has been pushed back a week. Instead of appearing tomorrow, the DLC will hit Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store on March 5. The extra week should give those with a stick up their butts about the game’s conclusion the time to start up a few more Internet petitions and GameFAQ rallies.

Relax; I’m being facetious. Internet petitions are so yesterday.

To make up for the delay, Ubisoft released the list of Achievements (included after the break) that can be earned in ‘Epilogue.’ The majority of them are standard fare, but “I Only Need a Hand or Twenty” intrigued me. To unlock the challenge-type ‘Cheevo, you need to be saved by Elika less than 20 times throughout the course of the content. Ubisoft has said that the DLC will be a much more challenging affair than the main game. I suppose this reward reinforces the notion. 

If you’re wondering why the delay happened, I can’t tell you that. I also can’t tell give you a firm price. IGN reported 800 Microsoft Points earlier today, which makes complete sense, but we’ve yet to receive any official word.

[via 1UP]

What Once Was There (10g)

– 1st use of Energize
Bouncing From Here to There (20g) – Complete the puzzle with rebound
Leaving The Storm (30g) – Complete the DLC
A Fresco of Light (10g)
– Reach one Ormazd’s Fresco
All The Frescos (20g) – Reach all Ormazd’s Fresco
I Only Need a Hand or Twenty (40g) – Complete the DLC with less than 20 Save Me
No Time to Waste (40g) – Complete the DLC in less than two hours
Change Once, Then Die (20g) – Defeat The Shapeshifter with only 1 shape change
Born Dead (40g)
– Speed Kill all the Soldiers
The Best Offense Is Good Defense (20g) – Defeat any Enemy by only starting a combo with a Counter-Attack

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