Prime trifecta is complete, and Retro is ready to move on… for now

You are most likely totally engulfed in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption by now and are probably having way too much fun to notice stuff like this, but gaming news of the Samus variety continues to flow forth and we at Destructoid love to fill your heads with it. The latest tidbit of information comes out of an interview Yahoo had with MP3’s director himself: Mark Pacini.

Besides giving the lowdown on how the game was developed and why it was released later rather than sooner, he spills forth the news some of you may not be ready to hear: Retro Studios is going to retire the Metroid thing for a while:

“We are taking a break from the Metroid series and from Samus. I’m sure there’ll be other titles created, but as far as the Retro Studios is concerned, we’re taking a break for a little bit,”

So now we wonder… What do they plan on working on next, and will we all be this bummed out when Halo 3 comes to a close? While on the topic of great interviews and Metroid, you might want to stop by G4 and take a gander at their even better take on the goodies. That is, if you’re not too busy enjoying the game from the comfort of your own home. Ah that reminds me, I have a great game to finish.

[Via CVG]