Primary Wii gamer is male, under 25

Wait, how is this right? We keep hearing how older people and girls are loving the Nintendo Wii and that damned bowling game that isn’t really any fun at all. Oh, sorry. It seems that these non-traditional gamers are playing the Wii, but it’s still the under-25 male that’s spending the most time with his Wii.

GameDaily stuck the researchers at Frank N. Magid Associates on the task, and they found that the Wii gamer isn’t as different from the norm as some were thinking. You don’t get more traditional than a primary audience of 73% males, with 53% of them under the age of 25. 

According to this research, the secondary Wii gamer figures are a bit more balanced, with 55% being male and 45% being female, and age distribution being more even up to age 64.

Are you surprised that the Wii’s primary gamer is a young male? I know we shouldn’t be.

[Via GoNintendo]

Dale North