Prima Games is shutting down after 28 years

Pour one out

With the ubiquity of the internet, one would be mistaken for assuming that printed strategy guides were no longer a thing. Somehow, someway, Prima Games has stayed in business despite the growth of free, readily available online guides. It seems the present has finally caught up to the company, though, as publisher DK has announced that Prima Games will be shutting down.

While not officially closing until next Spring, the label will not be publishing any new strategy guides for the remainder of this year. I’m not surprised at this development, but it is still sad for the many fans of printed guides across the globe. I was particularly fond of newer guides having extensive art galleries, collecting a few solely to have on my bookshelf.

I’ll also never forget the days of my youth where I would grab a guide to help navigate my way through some of the more obtuse N64 games. I’m more surprised Prima isn’t staying up as a digital alternative to free, user-curated walkthroughs, but I guess DK just didn’t see the value in that.

Pour one out for Prima Games. You’ll be missed.

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