Price point and first photo of USB Skype mic for the Slim PSP

Nick told you yesterday about the official announcement of Skype features coming to the Slim PSP, and now Famitsu has revealed a few more details for anyone interested.

The service hits later this month as part of a new firmware update, and now there’s a USB microphone peripheral to go along with it. The price point has been set at around $25 for a single mic, and $40 for the “Twin Pack,” whatever that’s supposed to be. (Why would you need 2?)

The mic is not at all unlike the peripheral that was released in Japan and Europe along with Talkman, and reportedly works in place of it if any of you are still “playing” that. No word yet on whether the Talkman mic will work with Skype, but I’d wager they’ve found a way to make it not. 

Hopefully you’ll have the option of using the Socom headset or some other alternative means of audio input, because considering the placement of the PSP’s USB port, talking into this mic with a black PSP will make you look like you’re hesitantly biting into an ice cream sandwich. You’ll find a picture of it after the jump, along with a shot of Skype in the XMB menu. 

[Via Jgadgets – thanks Jeromy!] 


Oh come on, you know the black PSP totally looks like an ice cream sandwich. Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to make that reference?  

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