Price drop! Madballs going on sale for 800 Points tomorrow

Good news, everyone! Madballs in Babo Invasion is going to go for just 800 MS Points as opposed to the 1200 MS Points that was originally announced last week. For everything that Madballs has to offer, 1200 Points wasn’t a bad deal at all. Single-player, deep multiplayer, lots of unlockables, over 20 multiplayer maps, custom maps to a whole lot more.

Still, cheaper is always better. This is the price point that developer Playbrains wanted all along and I think they’ll definitely see a better response in terms of sales at just $10.

We asked the President of Playbrains, Scott Simpson, on why he thinks Microsoft changed the price. Seems all of the Internet’s b*tching may have had a helping hand in this decision:

I think they saw a lot of the “Madballs for $15? WTF?!??” reactions and figured at 800 we’d at least get a trial (and we do have a great trial).

I wonder if this will have any kind of an affect on other upcoming Xbox Live Arcade games like some of the Summer of Arcade titles coming up soon. We’ll see soon enough!

Hamza Aziz