Prey VR listing indicates Bethesda may have revealed the game at E3

Another wait and see situation

Remember Prey (the 2017 one, not the 2006 one)? Well it’s back, in VR form: maybe!

Thanks to another retailer listing — which is becoming an increasingly reliable way to learn about actually real games — Prey VR could be a thing Bethesda is announcing in the future. The timing is very close to when Bethesda would have had its E3 showcase in the coming weeks, before it decided to bow out of that racket and pepper its announcements around in multiple mini showcases. 

The product info is from retailer ShopTo (spotted by Nibel/Nibellion), and simply lists PlayStation VR as the main platform. That listing has since been removed from the site. As a note, Bethesda typically supports multiple VR platforms, including SteamVR and PSVR. They also have been converting their big properties like Doom, Fallout, Wolfenstein and Elder Scrolls into modified VR experiences for the past several years: so all of this checks out.

Prey VR [ShopTo via Nibellion]

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