Prey gets a soonish release date and a new trailer

May 5 worldwide

The stories behind some games are just crazy. What began life as a direct sequel to Prey has now been rebranded as some totally different, yet still somewhat cool looking, sci-fi game. I’m not sure why Prey was chosen for this kind of experiment, but Arkane Studios has made some solid games in the past.

With all that said, anyone looking forward to Prey will be happy to know that the game is launching this year on May 5. It will be a worldwide release, so there won’t be any stupid embargos to delay foreign launches for outdated reasons. Those who pre-order the game will receive some bonus shotgun and other pointless crap items to help power up your character.

Along with the news of the launch date, Bethesda has uploaded a new trailer to showcase some of the game.

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