Prey for the Gods looks like a new Shadow of the Colossus

But will they be watching?

At first, Prey for the Gods looks very similar to a crafting-heavy survival game a la Rust filtered through some Never Alone. But that’s only the first part of the trailer. Prey for the Gods looks beautifully nihilistic, a story that appears to be just as much about the indomitable human spirit as it is being abandoned by a force you never truly understood in the first place.

There’s a lot I like about what this game’s selling, especially the “kill your gods to save the world” angle. If I know my fiction, I’d bet you a cool hundred that killing the gods actually doesn’t fix anything and the last moments of the game are also the last moments of that world. Currently, we have no word on a release window or even targeted platforms. Turns out the trailer I just linked said ‘Coming to Windows and Mac’. My bad!

Mike Cosimano