Prey adds Fallout and Quake Champions skins for free in its Mooncrash DLC

It’s a Blood Moon

Anyone who bought Prey‘s Mooncrash DLC will notice that it got a little snazzier today. That’s because developer Arkane released the “Blood Moon” update which added a handful of new cosmetic items.

The obvious highlights are the ones that crossover from other Bethesda properties. There are Fallout and Quake Champions themes for the operators now. Last month, the same happened with Skyrim and The Evil Within

Here’s the full list of new items in Mooncrash:

  • Fallout Theme Operator
  • Quake Champions Theme Operator
  • Witch Hat Mimic
  • Medieval Mimic
  • TranStar Silenced Pistol
  • TranStar Q-Beam
  • TranStar Shotgun
  • TranStar Wrench

Prey was a rather serious game, but Mooncrash is a different beast. The roguelike scramble to escape a moonbase is silly enough that it makes sense to blast away at a crown-wearing mimic before scuttling off to a Fallout-themed medic to heal. Or, even if it doesn’t make sense, at the very least it works.

Bethesda says that there are more cosmetics-focused updates coming. However, everyone has their eyes on the asymmetrical Typhon Hunter multiplayer mode where half the players turn into ordinary objects before shape-shifting and attacking the humans. That’s still ambiguously set for “later this summer.” 

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