Prey 2’s Human Head is joining with Shinra for a new game


One of my biggest disappointments of the last generation was that we never saw the release of Human Head Studios’ Prey 2. An open world alien bounty hunting game with parkour and Johnny Cash? Sign me the fuck up. Unfortunately, because the world simply hates my very existence, it got cancelled. It was that day I learned the world is cruel.

However, all is not lost at Human Head. They have announced that they are working with Shinra Technologies – Square Enix’s cloud gaming company, not the big bads of Final Fantasy 7 as cool as that’d be – to develop what is being hinted to be a new multiplayer game.

Director of partnerships at Shinra, Colin Williamson, said:

“We’re delighted to be working with Human Head in pushing the boundaries of supercomputer-powered gaming. Their concept is one that couldn’t be executed on any other platform, and we can’t wait to see it in action.”

I’m sure their concept probably could be executed on other platforms. Either way, we don’t know anything about what this game is. However, it seems as though it will be making an appearance at E3 where we’ll see more of Human Head and Shinra’s technology.

Joe Parlock