Previous Xbox console exclusive Super Lucky’s Tale coming to Switch with a ‘New’ moniker

The sequel to the original that arrived in 2016 on Oculus

As the saying goes: shake it once that’s fine, shake it twice that’s okay, shake it three times, you’re playing with yourself (today).

Lucky’s Tale has gone from two games to three, which makes it a full-on franchise if it wasn’t already. It began life as “Lucky’s Tale” on the Oculus Rift, then pivoted outside of the purview of VR with “Super Lucky’s Tale,” the sequel. Now a third game that features “all-new levels, story, cinematics, and character dialogue” is coming to Switch in the form of “New Super Lucky’s Tale” this fall.

While Super Lucky’s Tale was already a cute reference to the previous SNES and Genesis generation, Playful Corp. also added the “New” bit in as a clear nod to Nintendo’s “New” subseries of first-party games. Previously, Super Lucky’s Tale was relegated to the PC and Xbox One platforms.

This isn’t as monumental of a deal as it seemed at first glance, because while Microsoft published the second game on PC and Xbox One, developer Playful Corp, itself an independent studio, is self-publishing the Switch edition: it’s entirely possible that a timed exclusivity deal just ran out.

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