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So I’m flipping through the latest issue of EGM and I come to their previews of all the next gen games and something catches my eye. Something so beatiful, so amazing, and so sadistic. The Darkness (X360/PS3) from Starbreez (the amazing team that brought us The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay). I was in total shock as I read their very small article on the game. Why you ask? Because no one has been talking about this at all!!! Sure, some of the big time sites do have a preview, but no one’s making a big deal about it. I’m afraid this game is going to fall off of the radar just like Riddick did! I say, f**k that sh*t and prepare to be amazed.Trailer and pictures after the jump!First, here’s the teaser trailer: Now for the premise: It’s a FPS game about a mobster who goes around killing anyone who stands in his way…Oh hmm, it sounds just like a GTA game. Hmmm, I think I’m forgetting something. Oh that’s right, I almost forgot! He’s possesed by demons and has satanic powers. The game is based off of a comic series that was made back in ’97 (learn about the comic via it’s Wikipedia page), as well as a movie adaption that is coming out next year. The game is expected to be every bit as violent as the comics. I’ve never read the comics myself, but from everything I learned doing the research on this, I’m a big fan now. Now if I can only find a comic shop in my town, I’d start reading. (Click the pics for a zoom in) TD9SSFrom the looks of it, you can shoot and use your giant black tentacles at the same time. TD11SS TD12SSYou can summon these little beauties and have them do whatever you want. TD14SSSee that T.V? The developers have said that there will be full TV shows throughout the game that players can watch whenever they like. TD15SS TD16SS TD17SSSweeeetThe rest of the pictures are from the comic (I’m assuming covers). I figured I just throw them in, make a good wallpaper. TD01SS TD04SS TD05SS TD07SS TD06SS

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