Pretty soon you’ll be able to copy and paste entire decklists in Hearthstone

Experimentation, ho!

Two major features are coming to Hearthstone, one of which basically should have been in since the beginning.

For years now I’ve seen fancy deck setups on reddit and YouTube and the like, and have wanted to experiment with them. But individually finding each card for every class, in every occasion, eats up a lot of time. According to a Blizzard update though you’ll be able to share and copy entire decklists by way of a clipboard button (in-game), which generates an easy to use code that can be shared anywhere. When you copy another code the game will automatically detect it from your clipboard and ask if you want to import it — neat!

Also arriving soon is a friendly challenge system that lets you complete quests with someone you know — a feature from the “Friendly Fued” event last year. These are both great changes, especially the former.

New Features [Hearthstone]

Chris Carter
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