Pretty in Pink: Jill Stuart ‘Sweet Limited’ PSP bundle

All the ladies! That’s not to say that a pink PSP would be limited to only female owners. It’s just that this new Jill Stuart Sweet Limited Package PSP bundle comes with a freakin’ PSP-shaped purse to carry it around in.

In this bundle, set to be released in Japan in March for 21,000 yen, comes the PSP in Blossom Pink (a PSP-3000), a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, that pretty little brand-stamped handbag, an embossed cloth, and a sample vial of the Potion of Carelessness that the people at Sony also sampled before creating this product.

Jill Stuart, of course, is a fashion brand. Okay, so I didn’t really know that until I Googled it.

PSP Blossom Pink/popular female brand collaboration [Dengeki]

Dale North