Presidential hopeful quotes Pokemon theme song

Sadly, it’s not the classic theme song to the first season of the Pokemon TV show, or one of the many classics from 2.B.A Master, but it’s a start. During last week’s debate between the current Republican presidential candidates, Herman Cain pulled out his old “Life can be a challenge. Life can seem impossible, but it’s never easy when there is so much on the line” routine. It’s a line he’s used a few times in the past, one that he attributes to “a poet”. In this case, that poet is Cindy Wilson, co-founder of the B-52’s and writer of The Power of One; the theme for Pokemon: The Movie 2000. The song was originally performed for the film by disco starlet Donna Summer, and saw many club-friendly remixes thereafter.

Chances are high that Mr. Cain has no idea that he’s quoting a song enjoyed by millions of club goers and 7-10 year olds back in the year 2000. Then again, maybe he knows exactly what he’s doing. Those 7-10 year olds are all 11 years older now, which should make them old enough to vote.

I imagine we’ll be seeing more and more of this as gamers grow up, and in turn, as gaming becomes more understood by the mainstream to be an appropriate pastime for children and adults. I hope by 2020, we have politicians tearing each other up with slogans like “The cake is a lie” and “Go home and be a family man”.

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Jonathan Holmes
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