Prepare yourselves for a Zombie Massacre on the Wii

One thing I have always considered is the fact that there are surprisingly few solid zombie-based videogames on the market. Sure, we have Resident Evil and Dead Rising with Left 4 Dead coming, but you’d think that zombies would be a very overused gaming cliche’ by now and I honestly don’t feel we have enough undead in our games. This is why my ears always prick up like fleshy meerkats when I hear of a new zombie IP on the horizon. Zombie Massacre is a brand new title by 1988 Games and is hoping to lurch toward the Wii sometime in the future. Development is early and we’re yet to see any screens, but 1988 has shared its vision, one that might prove to be of great interest.

Zombie Massacre is aiming to play like a cross between timed arcade racers such as Crazy Taxi and on-rails shooters like House of the Dead. Your task in the game is to drive a nuclear bomb into a zombie-infested city as a time limit counts you down. 4-player co-op seems to be the way you shall extract the most amount of fun from proceedings, as it lets one player drive while the other three are in charge of shooting. Your driver can also shoot, but needs to keep an eye on the road as well, lest the 1950s convertible you’re all piled in meets a grisly end. I can’t be the only one who thinks that sounds absolutely awesome.

You’ll be able to choose different starting points in the city that affect the game’s difficulty, something that will hopefully add to the replay value. As well as giving the re-animated brain chewers an explosive delivery, there will be civilians provided for rescue which will add a variety of benefits to your team, from lending unique professional skills to acting as a meat shield by getting between the zombies and you. 

With a promised wide range of weaponry at your disposal and a focus on chaotic, off-the-wall slaughter, this has all the potential in the world to be a truly fantastic party game that even we hardened and cynical gamers could relish in. This could be something special indeed, I just hope a publisher is announced soon.

[Thankies to the Justies]

James Stephanie Sterling