Prepare yourself for another round of Mega Man merchandise

Mega Man ‘All-Star’Plushies

This is how I imagine Mega Man’s current life at Capcom. The franchise has one subdivision — merchandise sales. It’s one guy, possibly named Rock, as a cruel twist of fate of sorts. Thousands of people all across the globe, many of them fans, go to this person to license out Mega Man merchandise. He asks them one simple question, “will it make money?” He then signs off on it and weeps into the ledger, knowing that he cannot possibly greenlight another game.

“Someday…” he says, as he trails off into the ceiling in his windowless office.

That may or may not have happened with the Mega Man “All-Star” Plushies line, but it’s coming to North America this summer. You can pre-order them now at Entertainment Earth, with an estimated July 2015 date.

Mega Man [Entertainment Earth via Rockman Corner]

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