Prepare to have your minds blown: Contra 4 box art is out of hand

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A kind soul over at NeoGAF secured and scanned a copy of the sell-sheet for Konami’s upcoming DS title, Contra 4. Maybe you’ve heard of it, but if you haven’t (I worry about you), I dare you to tell me that this isn’t the kind of box art that would make you spill cash out of your wallet. It screams “must buy,” even more than the Power Rangers Time Force/Ninja Storm GBA double-pack released a few years ago.

The sell sheet also reveals the game’s release date as November 12. Additionally, and even more exciting, is that it also promises DS Download Station marketing support between September and December of this year. The last DS Download Station I checked had some crummy demos in it, including some throwaway game we rated an 8.8.

Has anyone seen any of these DS Download Stations featuring Contra 4 out in the wild? I’ll travel up to 147 miles to get it.

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