Prepare to envy: the ultimate custom gaming cabinet

Put a lot of work into that home-built MAME arcade cabinet, have you? Well, be prepared to hack it into scrap and start over; gaze upon the coolest custom gaming cabinet ever built and tremble.

Gregory over at Apartment Therapy has the skinny on one of the coolest home gaming setups ever rigged, built by his buddy Gerald. Fashioned similarly to Japanese head-to-head-style arcade cabinets designed for competitive gaming, Gerald’s rig touts an impressive pair of Sony Bravia 26″ LCD monitors, a Dual Core AMD Athlon PC with 2GB of RAM and a GeForce 7960 GX2, and a PlayStation 3. The cabinet has multiple custom joystick setups that can be switched out of the cabinets to accomodate a variety of games, and the whole setup is networked to his main computer.

All that text I just wrote essentially boils down to the most insane home-built competitive gaming cabinet you’ve ever seen. Hit that gallery for more shots.

[Via Gearfuse, thanks Andrew!]

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