Prepare for battle: Unreal Tournament 3 site gets update and soundtrack [Update]

Although the Epic Games/Midway Unreal Tournament 3 Web site is still listed as “coming soon”, a few new items were added to the site to keep you busy until the November release on PC and PlayStation 3.

Hop on over to check out the downloadable high-resolution trailers from E3 and Gamers Day as well as 28 downloadable screenshots (like the one above). 

The 20-song Unreal Tournament 3 soundtrack is also available for your listening pleasure, although you’re not able to download it. It’s still a nice preview of things to come. While it’s not the best stand-alone soundtrack, if you’re anything like me, you’ll feel the urge to play from just hearing it. 

[Music4Games was kind enough to let us know that the Unreal Tournament 3 soundtrack can be downloaded from their site. Thanks, Greg] 

[thanks, Justin] 

Dale North