Prep for World of Final Fantasy with a demo and the opening cinematic

Proper preparation prevents poor performance

The Final Fantasy masher-upper appropriately titled “World of Final Fantasy” is a mere two weeks from release. It’s probably not enough time to play through all the games to acclimate yourself with all the characters from the long-running series. But, if we’re into cutting corners, there’s still a way to prepare.

On October 17, Square Enix is putting out a World of Final Fantasy demo for PS4 and Vita. It features protagonists Lann and Reynn in their Lilikin and Jiant forms as they encounter notable franchise characters like Cloud, Squall, and Lightning. Further, completing the demo unlocks Magitek Armor P in the Coliseum to both battle and capture in the full game.

The demo comes in five days, but we have another method off preparation today. Square Enix also revealed World of Final Fantasy‘s anime opening cinematic. Watch now, play next week, and you should have the world (of Final Fantasy) at your fingertips come October 25.

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