Preorder Little King’s Story and nab an Onii figure

As you may recall, we let you know that the adorable-looking XSEED title Little King’s Story had been delayed back in January, and it looks like it’s finally ready to come out now, with a release date of June 23rd. For all you preorder bonus whores out there, XSEED has thrown in a little extra surprise along with the release: an Onii stress figure (like the kind you squeeze when you want to wring your boss’ neck, but you wring the toy instead). The Onii are the little beasties that you see in your kingdom when playing the game.

Gamestop, EB Games, Amazon and Gamecrazy are all offering this preorder bonus, so order through one of them if you need a little Onii for your stressful moments. There’s also a few new screens in the gallery, which you may want to check out. The game looks very sweet, but I’m not sure if I would play it a lot or not, so I may wait on it a while. How about you?

Colette Bennett