Predicting the next Telltale Games series

So, what’s next?

The people at Telltale Games are wizards. There’s no other explanation. They have an uncanny ability to coax money men into handing over the keys to some of the most valuable properties in the entertainment business. Then they seemingly have carte blanche to toy with things people hold dear, churning out officially sanctioned fan fiction right and left like there’s no tomorrow.

They did it to Back to the Future. And Law & OrderNow they’re doing it to MinecraftMinecraft!

Sometimes it turns out great. Other times Jurassic Park happens. It’s wonderful. It’s awful. It’s everything that’s right and wrong in the world. And it’s going to happen again. And again…

I’m curious, though. What will they do next? Let’s explore the possibilities. Let’s find out.

The optimal choice

Telltale’s portfolio vaunts some of the crown jewels of the entertainment business. What would it do if it had the pick of the litter? Would it go after the crown jeweliest of them all? Star Wars is primed for a comeback. A new movie trilogy is on the horizon. It’s time to ensnare a new generation. They got to my parents. They did it to me. Now they’re coming after my unborn children. Star Wars. Star Wars. Star Wars. From now until the end of time.

Disney hasn’t had its name attached to a decent game since the Genesis days. Telltale could do right by Disney. Maybe it’ll put players in the shoes of some Han Solo/Dash Rendar bad boy type. Maybe we’ll get to roam around wretched hives of scum and villainy, romancing sexy blue aliens, taking odd jobs that go horribly wrong. Yeah, I like this. Make this happen.

Conceivable possibilities

Let’s be a little more realistic, though. Telltale has a penchant for popular television shows. They’ve already worked on Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. I’m tempted to say Mad Men is next. It’s the logical progression. 

Mad Men doesn’t seem like it would make for a great videogame. It probably isn’t a good fit. So, naturally, they are going to announce Mad Men: A Telltale Game Series next week and make me look like a fool. A damned fool.

Telltale could also make a run at Homeland. It’s quite the popular program. The potential for unsavory quick time events and high stakes decision-making is right there. Maybe waging an underground war in the Middle East is too touchy a subject, though. Maybe not.

Maybe they’ll just do a Breaking Bad game instead.

The sleeper candidate

It isn’t just Telltale who gets a say in whatever the next Telltale game series will be. They also have to get someone to agree to loan them a license. That’s why Star Wars isn’t happening. It’s nice to want things, but let’s be realistic here. We need a company that’s desperate for money or one that just doesn’t give a damn.

Sonic the Hedgehog makes perfect sense. Sega has no problem letting other developers monkey around with Sonic. Take Sonic Boom as proof positive. Plus, Sega is always looking for excuses to give Sonic new friends. I’m sure Telltale could think up a few. This could definitely happen.

Final prediction

Really, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is the logical outcome here. Search your feelings. You will know it to be true. Don’t fight this. Just accept it into your heart. It will be easier this way.

Kyle MacGregor Burleson