Predict Britney Spears’ death to win a PS3? Also, leave your dignity at the door

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You know you can always rely on the internet for all variations of tastelessness, and in this case it doesn’t disappoint. When is Britney going to Die basically gives you the option to guess what day Britney Spears will die. The site promises if you get it right that you will win a PS3. It’s inevitable that multiple people will guess the date when it comes, so I hope the creators have thought of this in advance and stockpiled PS3s for the occasion.

My initial reaction to this website’s existence was to ridicule Britney Spears as a crass whore and giggle over the fact that someone had come up with the site idea in the first place. When I actually looked at the site itself, it pretty much shut me up quick– it’s hard to laugh at the pathetic-bordering-on-painful photos there. However, if if other people’s suffering is hilarious to you, this will definitely float your boat.

Also — If she does die and the correct guesses actually earn the contestants PS3s, I’ll expect hell to freeze over concurrently.

[Via ShowBiz Spy – Thanks, Jonathan] 

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