Predator drops cloak and puts up dukes tomorrow in Mortal Kombat X

Those lasers can’t be good for you

Predator only hunts in tropical jungles, right? We don’t need to be worried about keeping an eye out for his tell-tale shimmer anywhere else? It seems too stressful being constantly on guard against the world’s finest hunter lest we become another skull in his trophy case, just a notch in his bedpost, just a line in a song.

Come tomorrow, the roster of Mortal Kombat X doesn’t have that luxury. Judging by this trailer, Predator isn’t discerning about where he blows holes and ensnares you in traps. Jungle? Sure. A pier? This ugly mofo’s ready to fight.

And fight he will. Those with the Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack (season pass, essentially) will have access to Predator tomorrow. For everyone else, he’s available on July 14 for $4.99 or bundled together with three more skins for $7.99. Unfortunately, the wonderfully cheesy ’80s VHS-preview narrator from this trailer probably doesn’t come with any of the options.

Brett Makedonski
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