Precision platformer N++ headed to Steam

And possibly other places

N++ released last year as a PlayStation 4 exclusive and, considering how dang good it was and how much of a following its predecessors N and N+ had, not nearly enough people played it. Hopefully that’ll change this year when the game comes to Steam and potentially other platforms.

Writing on NeoGAF, Metanet Software co-founder Raigan Burns noted that the studio brought on a new programmer to help with the port. They’ve been working on it for about a month now.

“There are still a few more months of work — we want to add all of the planned post-launch-update stuff that got put on hold when our team imploded — but we will definitely be bringing N++ to Steam,” said Burns. “We’re still looking at other platforms too.”

I need to get back to chiseling away at this one. There are a couple thousand levels and it’s not long at all before they start to get real tough. Your patience and friendships will be tested.

[Thanks, JBroXNari99]

Jordan Devore
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