Pre-release Pokemon Black/White hype gets buck wild

Pokemon Black and White is set for release in Japan on September 21st. Early reports state that the game has already achieved +1 million pre-orders. The game obviously doesn’t need much in the way of hype to sell itself, but it’s getting hyped anyway. The Pokemania seen in this video borders on insane. The Ash cosplay in the video below is particularly… expressive. Still, I admire his spunk. I wish he had been at PAX.

I know a lot of people disrespect the Pokemon series for repeatedly offering “the same game for over ten years.” To me, that’s like complaining that the Madden series has been just “the same football games for over ten years”. Pokemon is like a sport, and it’s a sport that a lot of people love to play. Adding new Pokemon (particularly badass new Pokemon like the blade-faced Deathkan, seen above), new moves, and new combat and breeding options are all Pokemon fans need to stay interested.

Based on the way that the Pokemon games sell, this all seems pretty self explanatory to me, but gamers of a certain persuasion often seem to have a hard time wrapping their heads around it. Sorry guys, just because you’ve “grown up” doesn’t mean that Pokemon should too.

More Pokemon Black/White Pokemon, Best Wishes footage, gameplay footage and more- [GoNintendo]


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