Pre-orders for physical edition of Spelunky open this week

Don’t piss off the shopkeeper

Y’know what’s a great game? Spelunky. Mossmouth’s 2008 platformer has an incredibly simple premise, but manages to provide deep and engrossing gameplay, where inventory management, perfect dexterity, daring and a little bit of luck all combine to create an addictive, teasing and challenging adventure.

If you too are a fan of this modern indie classic, then you may be interested to hear that Limited Run Games are releasing a physical edition for the PS4 and PS Vita platforms. These editions will be made available to pre-order this week, February 8 to be exact, over at the publisher’s official website.

Orders open Friday morning at 07:00 ET / 10:00 ET and like most LRG releases are expected to fill in the blink of an eye, so make sure you set your watch if you want to bag a copy. Perfect for getting yourself revved up for the anticipated sequel, Spelunky 2, currently in development for PS4 and PC.

Limited Run Games’ Spelunky pre-orders open Friday [Official]

Chris Moyse
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