Pre-order Wolfenstein, be totally awesome on day-one

Admission: I’m not so good at multiplayer first-person shooters; I need all of the help I can get. Well, when it comes to id Software’s and Raven Software’s upcoming shooter Wolfenstein, GameStop to the rescue!

The retailer is offering an exclusive “Day One Multi-Player Advantage” with pre-orders of the game, which ships this August. This leg-up will let you choose your own weapon or power upgrade in multiplayer right from the start… no work involved!

Well, of course you need to go to your local GameStop and give them five dollars. Or order online and don’t move. That’s your call.

It’s unknown how useful this advantage will be, but I have to ask — how you guys feel about going up against Wolfenstein players who pre-ordered the game and have a little something extra from the start? Do you feel that’s fair, or are you confident enough in your skills that you don’t need no stinkin’ advantage?

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