Pre-order Wii Play for $11.49

Rush out to YesAsia to pre-order Wii Play for a whopping price of $11.49. Keep in mind that they offer free international shipping and will honor the probably-typoed price:

Q: Will my pre-order be affected if there is any adjustment in the product price?

    * If the price increases, the price of your pre-order remains unaffected.

The game, comprised of minigames, including Duck Hunt, comes with a packed-in Wiimote, which alone would run you about $45. The game is supposed to be released on Valentine’s Day, so think of this as YesAsia’s own way of getting into your e-panties this year. Barring that, you could always just get some chocolate.

I wouldn’t imagine this price will stick around for long, so my advice to you is to hurry the hell up.

[thanks Sheir!] 


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