Pre-order The Beatles: Rock Band, get into special club

A bit late to the game, MTV Games and Harmonix shot us an email today detailing the contents of the $249.99 The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Bundle. After shouting “OLD!” at our monitors, we realized there was a bit more to their announcement. 

It seems that if you pre-order any version of The Beatles: Rock Band, you’ll get into a special “Pre-Order Club.” What does that mean? Well, starting in May and leading up to the game’s release, you’ll receiving breaking news, access to exclusive art and behind-the-scenes footage. Sounds cool, right? And you’ll only be able to get that stuff by pre-ordering, because there’s no way that stuff is going to be all over Internet forums within seconds of its release.

No word yet on whether The Beatles: Rock Band will support vocal harmonies as rumored, but we’re hoping that one will pan out. We’ve been practicing our “Love Me Do” back-up vocals in the shower all week.

[Update: Harmonixhas announced Limited Edition pricing for folks who don’t live in the U.S., and it is: continental Europe for MSRP €199.00 and for MSRP £179.00 in the UK.]

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