Pre-order Skate 3 for Black Box Distribution Skate Park

Activision’s Tony Hawk franchise was already in decline by the time the original Skate came out back in 2007, but EA Black Box’s analog stick control scheme and focus on realism accelerated Tony Hawk’s descent into obsolescence. EA is working on the second sequel to that game, Skate 3, and it’s due out for PS3 and 360 this May, less than a year and a half after the release of Skate 2.

Back when EA announced Skate 3, they offered up a pre-order bonus: the Black Box Distribution Skate Park (it’s apparently a real place). Now we’ve got some video footage of the in-game location; check it out above! It looks pretty rad. (Yeah, I’m hip with that skater lingo!) You can head to the game’s official Web site for all the pre-order options available to you.

Samit Sarkar