Pre-order Resistance 2 at GameStop and get into the multiplayer beta

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The latest PlayStation Underground newsletter highlights something very important to those eagerly awaiting the next rendition of Resistance: Fall of Man. Starting today, if you pre-order Resistance 2 at GameStop, you’ll automatically be enrolled into the multiplayer beta.

The beta includes the highly touted 8-player cooperative mode, as well as competitive play. In Nick’s hands-on with the game he framed the cooperative mode and competitive multiplayer in a pretty positive light. If you’re skeptical about what the beta will offer (or the full game for that matter) definitely check it out.

I have almost become numb to pre-order offers, but this one sounds entirely more appealing than a collection of Xbox Live Arcade games or armor. Too bad they aren’t offering an alien beanie baby. I’d be all over that.

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