Pre-order RE: The Darkside Chronicles, get a money clip

I don’t know what it is with the Resident Evil series in particular, but the games always seem to have crazy (and neat) swag associated with them. Continuing this trend of rad merchandise, GameCrazy is offering a freakin’ Raccoon City Police Department money clip for those who pre-order The Darkside Chronicles.

It’s a tough call, really. GameStop is giving out those wicked zombie transformation shirts alongside reservations. I think it really comes down to whether or not the shirts come in a size that will fit you, although, you won’t be wearing these things like you would a normal t-shirt.

This is a long shot, but I want Adam Dork to get one of these money clips and fill it with coupons for more Chicken McNuggets, should he ever get sent more. Do it, Adam, for me and the rest of the kids at the orphanage.

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