Pre-order God of War III at 7-11, get a free poster

No, that’s not a typo. Pre-ordering God of War III at 7-Eleven will net you a sweet-looking poster that’s likely a lot less epic in size than what you’re currently picturing. Personally, I still have a hard time believing they really do sell videogames at those places.

I guess that’s how they get away with breaking street dates. If questioned by any authority figures, the 7-11 employee can be all “what games? We only sell Slurpees and energy drinks.” Then when a shifty-eyed dude in a trench coat demands satisfaction, he can walk off with an early copy of Mass Effect 2.

Basically, everybody wins.

Pre-Order Your Copy of God of War III at 7-Eleven NOW! [PlayStation.Blog]

Jordan Devore
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