Pre-order Blur and get a bonus from the big three retailers

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If you’re looking to pre-order Blur, it’s best to evaluate your options. Currently, all three major videogame retailers — Best Buy, GameStop (as previously reported), and GameCrazy — are offering decent bonuses for those looking to buy early.

If you go GameStop, you’ll get a decent multiplayer boost. The bastion of videogame civilization, GameStop, is offering quite the heavy-handed multiplayer pre-order bonus for those interesting in reserving a copy. The bonus is called the “Multiplayer Advantage Booster Kit,” and we’re buying into the name. The kit includes a heavy vehicle, an exclusive multiplayer mode, and double experience points (for ten races) that players can, in turn, use to upgrade their vehicles.

GameCrazy and Best Buy, naturally, have smaller bonuses. People who go with GameCrazy will receive a code that doubles cash for the first three single-player races. Best Buy purchasers will receive a code for an exclusive code to unlock the “600 horsepower Dodge Hennessey Viper” earlier than other players.

Oh, bonuses. It’s fine to offer bonus content for pre-orders, but distinct multiplayer advantages and community splitting DLC right out of the box? Whoa. Let’s take it down a few notches, Best Buy and GameStop.

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