Pre-order Bad Company 2 PC, get Battlefield 2142 free

If you’re considering picking Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the PC and are thinking of going all digital, here’s the deal for you.

Through the online EA Store, Electronic Arts is offering gamers a free copy of Battlefield 2142 to anyone who pre-orders the upcoming Bad Company 2 prior to February 25. According to my powers of math, that’s a $19.99 value. Pre-ordering the digital copy online also guarantees you can pre-load the title starting on February 28, ensuring you can start shooting the crap out of things on March 2 when the game is officially released.

Oh, and this is a deal for those in North America only. Sorry everyone else.

Pre-Order BFBC2 on PC before 25th Feb and get BF2142 FREE [@OfficialBFBC2]

Nick Chester