Pre-E3 09: Square Enix’s Front Mission Evolved confirmed

We saw rumors pop up early this month, but now we have full-blown confirmation from Square Enix. The North American webpage for Front Mission Evolved is live. Coming to the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, this newest game in the Front Mission series comes from Double Helix, and is now an action game, a third-person shooter where you control a wanzer, a massive humanoid war machine. Single and multiplayer modes will be included..

This sounds hot, and is a nice surprise. I miss the old days of turn-based strategy, but this sounds pretty interesting. No release date has been given yet, though.

Thankfully, Square Enix is packing this game in their little fanny pack for E3 next week. We’ll be sure to check it out and tell you what we think. For now, check out the official webpage for a few screenshots. A trailer will be added later.

Dale North