Pre-E3 09: Notes from the Destructoid E3 planning meeting

We thought it would be nice to give our readers an inside look at Destructoid’s planning meetings and see what goes on when we brainstorm to give you the best content and event coverage. These sessions are usually filled with tension and constant disagreements, often ending in stalemate, with no resolved outcomes and grudges being held.

Kidding. We went to a drug store to look for some meds (some of us are feeling pretty crappy) and saw a merry-go-round to abuse. We did that, raided the store, made fun of everything funny, got dirty looks from the staff and other customers, and then left to get on the merry-go-round again. We seriously do this for a living. How f*cking ridiculous.

Check out the gallery below for pictures from this brainstorming event. And you have to check out our video below of the most critical time during this meeting.

Dale North