Pre-E3 09: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 has superheroes in it

In my opinion, the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance game sucked so hard that Hoover should be researching ways to incorporate it into its vacuum cleaners. I’ve seen prostitutes in Tijuana who would go green with envy at the sight of it. That thing put collapsed stars to shame.

That said, I’m a huge fan of these types of games and feel that the first in the series was just a error. An egregious, horrible mistake. But if the plan is for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 to follow the events of the “Civil War” story arc, my interest is seriously piqued. Just, please, let’s not screw this up a second time.

Check out a trailer after the jump. It shows off a ton of great-looking superhero cutscene footage, including a lot of Deadpool. Oh, and you get to see all-American Steve Rogers wipe the smug grin off that arrogant prick Tony Stark. That right there is practically worth the price of admission.

Conrad Zimmerman