Pre-E3 09: Lionhead preparing to give a ‘big presentation’

Let the hypefest begin! What do we know about the Microsoft Press Conference for E3 2009? It’s happening on Monday at 10:30 AM PDT, there’s certianly going to be talk about Xbox 360 sales and LIVE membership numbers, and Lionhead is going to give a presentation on something or other.

CVG informs us of a recent Lionhead tweet, which states the following: “Lionhead is off to LA for this years E3 and will give a big presentation at the Microsoft press conference on Monday! Watch this space!”

Surely we aren’t going to be told about the wonders of Fable 3 already, right!? I don’t have any insight as to what Peter Molyneux is gearing up to show us, but I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with anticipation. What do you guys think the next Lionhead game could be? Tell us in the comments!

Jordan Devore
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