Pre-E3 09: DJ Hero seems to be bananas by all accounts

Honestly, I have probably spent more time fantasizing about being a DJ than I have about being in a rock band. It probably has something to do with being in a booth, as that sort of seperation from the audience would likely be enough to overcome my staggering stage fright. That, and I really love hearing people take popular music and twist it about in creative ways.

The image above shows GTTV host Amanda MacKay holding the DJ Hero controller. It has buttons and stuff. Honestly, until I know how it all works, I’m not going to be too critical of how strange the buttons on the turntable look. Either way, my addiction to toy, non-working instruments seems to be far from cured because I still want the damn thing in my home right now. Yes, the controller, not Amanda.

If you go further — beyond the mystical land of “post-jump” — I’ll give you the first trailer for the upcoming game. 

Conrad Zimmerman