Praying mantis gets sandwich power up in this Excitebots trailer

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ll read the title of this story, the words I’m using simply don’t belong together. It’s only after you watch the trailer for Excitebots: Trick Racing that it will all become clear, and even then it’s a bit baffling.

The Monster Games developed Wii-exclusive looks like it’s taking a light and loose approach to the Excite Truck and Exciebike franchise, throwing in crazy power-ups, vehicles that look like animals, and wild tricks. Does it look fun? Sort of. But I’m still stuck on the praying mantis vehicle getting the “super sandwich” power-up to see much of anything else. 

The praying matis, the super sandwich, and Excitebots: Trick Racing hits shelves on April 20.

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