Praise the Moon: Dark Souls is coming to Xbox One via compatibility

Backwards compatibility, that is

Get it? Praise the moon? I am good at memes, right guys?

In other Souls news, Namco Bandai has just unveiled that the original Dark Souls is going to be backward compatible on Xbox One by way of a bonus. As listed on Microsoft’s UK site, if you pre-order Dark Souls III (due in April), you’ll net a free code for the original game on Xbox One in “seven to ten days.” In all likelihood it will be widely released for those of you who own it digitally (or on-disc) in the coming weeks. Will Blight Town still be borderline unplayable in some sections? Stay tuned to find out!

I’ve said it a million times, but Microsoft has really come a long way since their original Xbox One pitch. Backward compatibility is one of the best things about the system, and it beats buying your entire library over again or streaming it on PS Now.

Dark Souls III [Microsoft via David Scammell]

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