Praise the lord! Civilization VI gets a religion update

Say two ‘Hail Mary’s’ and an ‘Our Father’

While Civilization VI is an excellent game, its not without some flaws. The most noticeable shortcoming as with the religious victory path. Not only was the combat pretty brain dead, but it was far too easy to amass a small convent of priests and have them convert other cities to your creed. The tile based nature of the game map also meant that religious units often occupied spaces that your army would travel on, thus making military action harder to accomplish.

While not everything is changing about how religion works, the system seems to be getting tweaked for the better. In the upcoming Fall update, religious victories will be getting expanded with new beliefs and units. The coolest sounding of these is the Warrior Monk, which makes me want to create Shaolin and take over the world with Ip Man. There will also be a Guru support unit that can heal your priests, which was definitely lacking before.

Firaxis is also improving the AI to be more aggressive on the oceans, a factor that was lacking on lower difficulties. Before, if you sieged an ocean based city, the AI often had no comeback for your units. It looks like naval ships will now play a stronger role in their strategies, which should make for more intense battles.

Wrapping it all up are some UI tweaks, specifically the Diplomacy screen. The amount of info on screen in vanilla Civ VI could be a bit staggering, so I’m all for streamlining some of the information. Hopefully this all improves the game, as I’ve had a blast playing it over the last year. I could always go for one more turn, even when I’m hyper busy.

Religion Gets a Reboot in the Civilization VI ‘Fall 2017 Update’ [Steam Community]

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