Praise Kat: Online shutdown for Gravity Rush 2 has been delayed

Six more months of winter

Gravity Rush 2‘s online component isn’t absolutely essential to the game’s core, but it’s really nice to have. Through a cute little treasure hunt game you can send hints to other players and issue challenges — fun asynchronous stuff. Originally all of that was set to get nuked on January 19, but according to a brand new in-game pop-up, the online shutdown process has changed.

Now, the online component is set to blow up on July 18 at 10PM PDT. The pop-up reminds us that the game will still be fully playable after this part of it bites the dust. Despite the delay, it’s still sad. It was originally set to be removed a day after the one year anniversary of the game, which might as well be the death knell for the series.

Gravity Rush 2 [ResetEra]

Chris Carter
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