PowerWash Simulator’s free Final Fantasy VII pack is available now

PowerWash Simulator Midgar

We’re cleanin’ the earth, Cloud

The glowing city of Midgar is looking a little dirty these days. So it’s apparently up to a band of intrepid powerwashers to party up and grind their way through the grime. The Final Fantasy VII-themed PowerWash Simulator Midgar Special Pack is available now.

This Final Fantasy VII DLC for PowerWash Simulator launched on March 2, and is available free for all owners of the game. This spans all platforms, from console to PC, as well  as those who have PowerWash through Xbox Game Pass.

There are five levels to clean of dirt, grime, and Makoe Residue, which is apparently a special type of mess for the Midgar levels. They take place across locales you might fondly remember from Final Fantasy VII and the FFVII Remake. They are:

  • Hardy Daytona and Shinra Hauler
  • Scorpion Sentinel
  • Seventh Heaven
  • Mako Energy Exhibit
  • The Airbuster

Cleaning up the energy

Alongside the new levels and new residues, there’s also a mini-campaign where Final Fantasy VII characters exchange texts with the player. Tifa Lockhart, Reeve Tuesti, and Heidegger will all chat with the player, same as NPCs do in the main PowerWash Simulator.

It’s nice that this pack is free for all players, so you won’t have to buy anything but the base game to clean up Midgar. While PowerWash Simulator isn’t the first idea I would’ve considered for a Final Fantasy VII crossover, but the more I see it, the more I dig it.

Seeing Midgar through a new, albeit murky, lens is pretty cool. The chill co-op nature of PowerWash Simulator seems like it would make for a good hang-out game for a group that digs Final Fantasy. So go ahead and cast Waterga on the Seventh Heaven bar counter if that sounds like your jam.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter